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Products And Services

RideoncarSa provides superior products and services. With the help of our experts, we pride ourselves in providing various Rideon selections to meet the needs of different users. We are ready to put in every bit of our capability to build a product that would excite you much.

We also have sourcing and merchandise development teams to ensure that all our customers are valued. We work round the clock to ship the best assembly parts from China, Japan, Asia, and Korea. Subsequently, every piece is put together in San Antonio, Texas, to come up with products that would enhance safe and memorable playtime.

In essence, we have what you are looking for. If you wish to get one of the best rides for your kids, we have a wide array of options for you to choose from. We have everything sorted out-the kids would be having fun, and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting hurt in the process. Before we delve deeper, here's why some brief insight into the relevance of what we do:

That said, we bring you some of the electric Rideon solutions that you can choose from us. We have the desires of your kids in mind to produce authentic:


Mercedes Unimog Kids Rideon Car

The officially licensed Unimog is an excellent option for boys who fancy motors with big bodies. This one is upgraded to improve every detail that kids would love-from leather seats to long-range remote controls and an MP4 screen, to mention a few. 


  • A 5-point safety belt ensures the ultimate safety for kids when riding outdoors.
  • The rubber tires are built with EMV to enhance smooth riding. 
  • The Unimog runs on 12V batteries. 
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls. 
  • It has upgraded motor and suspension features.

UTV MX 4x4 12V All Wheels Drive

Kids can now cruise in style because off the broad and unique features that UTV MX offers. In essence, the exterior design of the four wheels makes it one of the most popular kid ride on toys that can attract significant attention in the neighborhood. It is generally suitable for kids between the age of three and six years.


  • It has an easily controllable braking system.
  • A foot pedal quickly puts the UTV in motion.
  • Leather seats provide significant comfort.
  • It has fully functional front and rear lights. 
  • One enjoys entertainment via Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 Port.
  • The 12V battery is rechargeable. 
  • It operates on a manual drive.


Audi Q5 S-Line Two Seater Car

If you`re looking for a ride on car with parental remote control to thrill your seven-year-old kid, the Audi Q5 might just be it. The licensed authentic drive is uniquely built with special features for any toddler's fun.


  • EVA rubber wheels for smooth riding.
  • Two 2 seater ride on car seatbelts to enhance safety.
  • Micro SD card and USB input.
  • It has a Start-Up Sound to mimic a real ignition experience.
  • The weight capacity can accommodate 150 lbs. 
  • Users enjoy a 6-year parts warranty.
  • It has a functional horn. 
  • It includes a Touchscreen MP4 entertainment with realistic volume control. 
  • 2 10-inch wide leather seats built to comfort.

  • Range Rover 2 Seaters Kids Electric Ride

    The Range Rover is a licensed model to enhance the riding experience for kids. More importantly, it is built in a way that enhances their utmost safety.


    • -It has a multifunctional steering wheel with musical effects for more fun.
    • -The package includes an SD socket, Power display, MP3, Radio and Bluetooth function.
    • -Four wheels spring suspension to promote smooth driving. 
    • -Leather-built seats to enhance comfort.
    • -Easily removable batteries.
    • -Portable handles and easily accessible doors. 
    • -Foot pedals and steering wheels are installed for fun driving.
    • -An attached remote controller enhances parental control.

    Maserati Levante 12V Rideon with Parental Remote Control

    Also licensed, Maserati Levant fits kids between three to eight years old. The technicality of such Ride on cars also calls for strict parental control to watch the ongoing outdoor or indoor activities. Simply put, anyone looking for a fun solution that would guarantee extra safety for kids would probably consider this option. 


    • It can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 30 Kgs.
    • It quickly starts with a push on the power button and a display to signify power.
    • The car comes with a reverse and forward gearbox.
    • A multifunctional MP4 player includes radio, Micro SD card interface, USB port, and MP3 player functions. 
    • LED lights are installed throughout the car. 
    • The charge goes over 12 hours.

    Lexus LX570 Luxury Edition 2

    One of the newest electric car models is the Luxury edition Lexus ZX570. The SUV is a fantastic ride for kids who are looking to have fun with an MP4 functionality. The kid remote control ride on car is also ideal for children between the ages of two and five years.

    The durability of the LX570 is something else. Purposely built to enhance that, the wheels also roll smoothly over paved surfaces to keep the rider entertained in significant comfort. 


  • LED lights to enhance interior design.
  • Several music functionalities, i.e. MP3 and radio, to mention a few.
  • It is remotely controllable for a parental charge.
  • It has adjustable seat belts to enhance safety. 
  • EVA wheels enhance durability.
  • It is built with Lifelike lights and emutational headlights. 

  • McLaren Kids Car with Parental Remote and Bluetooth 

    We've built the McLaren suitably for kids to ride efficiently on the foot pedal. Even better, the overall design mimics the construction of a real car. It also caters for the carelessness of kids by providing two keys just in case they misplace one.


    • It is ASTM F963 Compliant to enhance the safety of kids.
    • The speed of the kids electric ride on car can be controlled easily using a parental remote controller. 
    • It has functional lights and forward, park, and reverse switches. 
    • An MP3 Player is available with Bluetooth Connectivity. 
    • The doors are stylish, just like the real deal.
    • A custom exterior design with a shiny finish.
    • It has a significant electric brake system. 
    • The parts can be easily assembled with the least effort.  

    Mercedes-Benz AMG Toddler Ride

    The name itself presents this car as a luxurious and powerful one. As a licensed all-wheel drive, a beautiful body, functional doors, and authentic logo are enough to get your kids all excited. It also includes other special effects that go beyond ensuring that kids are safe when riding outdoors.


    • It has a rechargeable 12 volts Rideon car battery.
    • A fully functional parental remote control.
    • Leather-built seats enhance the ultimate comfort.
    • A push start button is easy to operate for toddlers.
    • All the four wheels are built with spring suspension.
    • Entertainment is enhanced with built-in Touchscreen TV and MP4 player. 
    • The car has easily accessible forward and reverse switches. 
    • The weight capacity can effortlessly accommodate 98 lbs. 

    Lamborghini Aventador SV

    You would be surprised that kids also love trendy stuff in the market. The Aventador satisfies that feeling with its latest model. Besides a comfortable experience, its operation mimics like a real Lamborghini. 


  • Padded leather seats for the utmost comfort.
  • Start-up engine sounds similar to a real car. 
  • It comes with fully functional headlights and backlights. 
  • A safety belt to enhance safety. 
  • Battery Voltage display.
  • The Ride on car has adjustable high and low-speed modes.
  • Easily openable Lambo style doors for smooth entry. 
  • Hoverboards 

    LED Hoverboard 6.5 Inch Self-Balancing Wheel

    Other than cars and jeeps, hoverboards also enhance kids` riding styles. Besides, they also provide a more manageable platform for kids to ride on, as long as they get the balance right. The electric nature of the LED Hoverboard does the job fine to enhance self-balancing.


    • It has LED lights for enhanced interior design. 
    • A Lithium-ion battery is quick and easily rechargeable. 
    • It has excellent Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Safety is enhanced with anti-slip foot pedals and secure steering grip.
    • Gyroscope sensors promote self-balancing. 
    • It has a maximum carrying capacity of 44 lbs. 


    E-Pocket Bike 36V Electric Kids` Bike

    If you are looking for the ultimate kids` rides, the E-pocket Bike would be ideal. It is significantly built for outdoor activities on parking lots and driveways. Kids from 13 years and above can also cruise around cones and ride speedily through trails. 


    • The package comes with 12V batteries.
    • A top speed of 20 MPH is weight dependent.
    • The bike starts with a key.
    • The charging time is 4 to 6 hours. 
    • It accommodates a maximum weight of 150 lbs, per rider.
    • The car is built with 11-inch pneumatic street tires.

    LED BIKE SX1628 Motorbike 


    • Kids can enjoy unlimited entertainment while riding. This is made possible by a memory card slot and aux connection for connecting with a smartphone. 
    • It has a functional horn.
    • The engine start sound mimics a real bike.
    • The tires are built with LED lights to enhance the bike's exterior experience.
    • Forward and backward movement speeds are easily controllable. 
    • A 12V motor is easily rechargeable. 

    MXross MotorCross 6V Ride

    The overall design of the MXross bike makes it hard for one to distinguish it from the real deal. Every single detail of the bike was tailored to mimic the functionality of the original product. Besides the Ultra high detail, a fantastic suspension makes it ideal for kids who want to have a good experience off-road.


    • The package includes removable stabilizers.
    • Headlights are fully functional.
    • A horn works fine.